Throwback Thursday

I had the best things to do when I was younger. I had the amazing little tikes cozy coupe car. It was so fun, I remember my older brother pushing me around in it, and a lot of times he would go a bit too crazy and I would fly out the side door. But I loved it!

I also had a tramp, and I was on it all the time! But it did not have a net because nets are not fun because they block you off from doing stuff. But when I broke my wrist and arm, I wished we had a net. My older brother bounced me too high and I flew off the tramp and landed on these huge boulders.

Another thing that I loved was watching was Bubble Guppies! I didn’t really watch TV that much but when I did watch TV it was always Bubble Guppies. The theme song was also the best!

My Dream Bedroom

I like my room right now. But it would be awesome to get some other stuff for it! One thing I really want in my bedroom is a good view. I would rather be able to look out and see a lot of cool things rather than looking out my window and seeing my neighbors house.

Another thing I would want for my bedroom is a swing, or something like that. I think it would be so fun! Not the swings that you see at the park. But a swing that is comfortable and fun!


Another thing that would be fun for my dream bedroom is a loft bed with a rope swing to get down or something like that. I think it would be so fun! I like loft beds because I feel like you have more privacy, and if you had a rope swing then you could just throw yourself onto the rope and swing down.


Pros and Cons of Middle School

During middle school, there are quiet a few pros and cons. Three pros are, you get more freedom from your teachers, you get to meet a lot of new people and make more friends, you also get to have fun elective classes! Three cons are, some of the kids are really loud, in most classes you can’t listen to music during class, and you have to wake up really really early! I say we make a petition to start school later!PROS / CONS for March Primary Election | MyLO

I Love Teaching Middle Schoolers Because…” | The TpT Blog

My name

My name is Katelyn. I love my name and would not want to change it. I would never change it because I was named after my great great grandma. She was a indian. Another reason I also love my names is because there are a lot of nick names for it. My most common used nick names are, Kate, Katie, Katie bug, and KT. I also love my names because it means pure.


I play volleyball at corner canyon. And it is the best! The coaches are really good, they know everything about volleyball! Recently, I fractured my elbow. That means I have to take a break from volleyball, and that is the worst! In volleyball you have to use both arms to pass the ball, both arms to set the ball, and both arms to serve the ball. I only have one arm to use right now, so during the healing stages of my arm, I will go and support my team! And do the best I can to help with anything that is needed!

Shein Review

Shein is a great company! They have so many options on clothes, jewelry, etc. I get clothes off of their website all the time. But while they do have cute clothes and other accessories, some of their clothes don’t come in the size it says they are online. Or the clothes are just way oversized. It also takes a long time for the clothes to get shipped to your house, for me it takes about 2 weeks. But overall I have not had any other problems with there website or clothes/accessories.


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